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American Family Insurance

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American Family Insurance contracts independent insurance agents to sell their products and services. AmFam’s mission is “to be the most trusted and valued service-driven insurance company”. However, AmFam started to experience agent turnover because agents felt that their small business owner status and the part they played in AmFam's success wasn't being recognized.

To strengthen agents' relationships with American Family, resources and services were aligned with a renewed focus on marketing and branding. Optimism was growing but more had to be done to engage and ignite agent/business owners.



The goal of AmFam's biennial agent conference was to establish a meaningful brand identity and elevate the benefit and importance of this conference to agents. Research indicated that agents wanted a conference that helped them grow, personally and professionally.


FLIRT develop the inaugural bi-annual National Business Owner’s Conference (NBOC). Our vision was to make this a new and highly collaborative environment for independent agents to network, learn, grow and discover new resources for making their businesses more successful. And, for agents to feel more connected to AmFam as a member of their business family.


It became a conference for the agents by the agents and allowed attendees to intermingle with peers from different markets with different ideas for running a business, catalyzing relationships and new business strategies, while reinvigorating and reinforcing the strong relationship between AmFam and their highly valued independent insurance agents.


FLIRT developed conference theme and branding that visually and intellectually recognized and supported the value of small business agents. From pre-show emails and registration, to videos, on-site signage, ballroom décor and name badges, conference branding was featured prominently throughout the integrated campaign.



AmFam's NBOC instantly became recognizable by agents as their own event. The tagline, "Know To Grow", has become the company's mantra for success. FLIRT continued to work with American Family Insurance for years on subsequent biennial National Business Owner’s Conferences.

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