Our signature: an artisanal blend of electric atmosphere and embraceable messaging that captivates both the head and the heart. Voila. 

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First:  Dive deep.

We can read minds.

Well, you’ll think we can. Our distinctive research style leads to deeper exploration – and a lot of our clients are surprised by what we find. We’ve been accused of bugging the water coolers, but we don’t have to. Our team simply has a knack for uncovering unique perspectives, seeing all the angles and asking the right questions until we’ve identified the messages that will resonate most. The ones that will inspire attraction, motivation, action. 

And it works, every time.


Second: Plan with precision.

Yes, we can write your new company name in fireworks. And your audience can “ooh” while they sip on cleverly named, on-theme signature drinks. And yes, they can use our industry-leading app to talk about it, in a virtual conference forum loaded with interactivity. “Wow factor” is a specialty of ours.

But the truth is, while some event companies try to make your event memorable, FLIRT goes far beyond to make your message memorable.

Because we’re a corporate communications firm. Not just an event agency. Every FLIRT campaign is custom-tailored – designed strategically and applied precisely to produce results. Enduring results.


Third:  Execute. Flawlessly.

It’s time to bring your messages to vivid life.

We’re talking arresting visuals, dynamic spaces, unexpected interactivity. Meticulous attention to detail. Every situation anticipated, and plans B, C, and D in place. No matter what vehicles we’ve chosen to deliver your message, execution is another area that sets us apart from the rest. It’s where our slightly OCD yin meets our creative yang – with signature FLIRT flair. So sit back and sip your margarita. We’ve got it covered. 

This approach has worked countless times within our areas and industries of Expertise, check them out to see exactly how we can change the way you communicate.




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