1. Small Group Q&A: http://getcatchbox.com/

Pre-show and Post-show Brainstorming: https://stormz.me/

2. Large Group Q&A:

3. Wi-Fi :

4. Video Sharing post-show: Henry Embleton Event-centric video aggregation platforms like Catchtalk.tv have some challenges to overcome. More conference organizers have to buy into the idea that airing video from an event won’t destroy future registration, but foment it. Video quality—sound, camera work, and length—has to climb a few notches as well. Nevertheless, there isn’t a better way to gauge the return on investment for conference content producers than the kind of one-to-one (video to registration) tracking that Catchtalk.tv provides. – See more at: http://www.eventtechbrief.com/Page.cfm/listID=1/libID=3/action=library/libEntryID=57#sthash.frc7iDia.dpuf“dancing cats and Justin Bieber videos.” Because it’s become a common idiom that YouTube is the land of cat videos and Justin Bieber, Users sign-up using their LinkedIn Profile. You have your professional interests pre-curated on your profile, free, just requires registration. You get 90 seconds of a talk, then you are prompted to sign-up – this is a win-win-win.  You as the user get talks formulated to fit your interests, CatchTalk gets information from your profile to calculate valbuable aalytics, and conference organizers are allowed insight and  analytics that aid lead generation – i.e. if you liked this talk, you might want t0 attend our next event. 174 pre-defined industry currently on LinkedIn


BONUS – Your ambitious CEO wants to open the show with pyrotechnics: