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Virtual reality has become one of the most unique features that companies can utilize and is quickly being incorporated into marketing campaigns everywhere. The term “Virtual Reality” is for any kind of experience that places a user “in” another dimension or world. This can be totally digital or a mix of the real and virtual. From March Madness to McDonalds, here are some of the coolest VR marketing campaigns yet.  


Intel’s Front Row Seats

In light of March Madness, we couldn’t leave out this stunner. Debuting in 2017, Intel brought all the NCAA Tournament has to offer through its VR app that anyone and everyone should download. Intel True VR allows users to see every three-pointer, steal and bracket-busting moment in virtual reality. The app allows for a complete immersive experience with multiple vantage points that will let you watch the game like never before. Watch from center court or see the swish of the net from right under the hoop. On top all of that, you can replay every highlight in 360 degrees.

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Download the app here:


McDonald’s Happy Goggles

McDonald’s turned its iconic kids’ meal into virtual-reality viewers throughout its locations in Sweden to push its recreational holiday, “Sportlov.” The holiday sees many families go skiing, so McD’s brainstormed a ski themed VR game, “Slope Stars,” which paired with goggles. To turn a Happy Meal into Happy Goggles, users folded the happy meal box, insert the included VR lense, and paired it with their smartphone to start the game.

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Check out the Happy Goggles here:


The North Face’s Climb

There’s adrenaline junkies and then there’s…everyone else. The aspiring adventurers who just can’t seem to take that step can thank The North Face for its latest campaign, “Climb.” The North Face, transported it’s in-store customers to the beautiful winding trails of Yosemite National Park. By using Oculus Rift virtual reality goggles, customers had a 360 glimpse of gorgeous flora and fauna.

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Watch the video and then download the app here:


TOMS Shoes’ Trip To Columbia

TOMS virtual reality campaign pulled at the heart strings of everyone it touched. To celebrate its 10th anniversary, TOMS partnered with AT&T to create the high impact 360 degree VR campaign, “A Walk In Their Shoes.” The experience puts the user into the shoes of a TOMS customer as he travels to Columbia to meet a child that benefits directly from his purchase.

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Watch the video here:


Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Everyone’s on the guest list with Mercedes-Benz’s collab with Samsung for a 360 degree experience. Users can get up close and personal with three shows including the closing show, “The Painting.” The front row experience allows the user to even see who’s sitting behind them. VR is shaping the fashion industry as a whole with hopes that in the future virtual designers can create clothes on avatars.

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Watch the show here:


What’s the coolest VR experience you’ve seen or even had? Let us know in the comments!