Working at a creative agency, I’m always looking for new ways to re-think and re-imagine art, concepts and the creative process itself. At one of our monthly creative inspiration lunches, past intern Maria shared with us Creative Mornings – a monthly breakfast lecture series. (Side note – combining inspiration and food seems to be a best practice – one that I’m totally on board with. Keep the bacon coming).

This month, I attended my second Creative Mornings session. It’s always a great place to network, check out a new space and learn about different industries. Bonus – it’s FREE! This past month the guest speaker was renowned, award winning designer Matteo Bologna, Creative Director at Mucca Design. Matteo has a multidisciplinary background in architecture, graphic design, illustration and typography. He shared with us some of his favorite projects, thoughts on the creative process in Italy versus the U.S. and some general advice for those starting out.

creativemorningsHere are some of my favorite highlights of the morning:

  • Loving what you do: Matteo loves design so much, that even when he only has to create a typeface for a four letter word, he develops the whole alphabet, often in several styles.
  • Healthy competition: Photographers tend to steal the limelight. Designers put so much time and effort into creative typefaces for layouts, but all you remember is the picture of the crying baby.
  • Font knockoffs: Arial is a bad version of Helvetica.  Noted.
  • Good advice: Wake up happy to go to work. Make sure it’s the right office, whether it’s your own or someone else’s.  Also, get a good lawyer.
  • Intelligentsia coffee and a chocolate frosted doughnut (literally the icing on the cake).

Creative Mornings takes place monthly in almost every city – check it out and get inspired.