As event planners, we have our own unique holiday wish lists filled with items to stock our tool belts. Here’s a look at what an event planner might ask for this holiday season to help make their jobs a little easier.

1. Event planners are type-A people. There’s no other way around it. If you plan large-scale events, you have to be organized. At FLIRT, our team members are no different. Calendars and planners are the glue that holds this office together—because if you’re ever unsure about something, you can bet someone wrote it down in 15 different places, just for the sake of being thorough. Here’s an example of a planner your event planner friend might want this holiday:


(Pro tip: It might as well be cute!)

2. Another key aspect of an event planner’s job is brainstorming. Whether it’s for a new marketing campaign, event theme or other creative branding job, our minds are never off the clock. That’s why it’s important for an event planner to be ready when inspiration strikes. It can happen anytime, anywhere, so an event planner must have somewhere to store all their brilliant ideas. Here’s a few products that might help:



(because studies show showers are great idea generators!)

ideas(to store in your bag to jot down ideas at any time)


3. Just like everyone else, event planners are attached to their phones, but not just because they can’t get away from the pull of the new Snapchat selfie lenses. Event planners rely on their phones to maintain constant connection with their clients. FLIRT team members are pros at this. That’s a big part of the FLIRT advantage. Twenty-four hour communication with clients leading up to and after the big event is crucial to a satisfied client experience and a smooth show. Because this is so important, event planners must have a full battery. So, a portable power bank like this one is a great accessory to have on hand in a power-drain pinch:


power bank


4. As helpful as smartphone’s can be, they still have their limitations when it comes to quick, two-way communication. When event planners are on-site, they need this capability more than ever. When FLIRT is at an event, team members are focused on providing efficient communication between the production staff and clients to produce a smooth show by ensuring no detail is missed. Headsets with walkie-talkie technology are the standard, but an app like Voxer Business might be a great way to build in a better tool to the gadget you already have on hand. Voxer takes the ability of live voice communication and combines it with more flexible features. All messages are sent live and simultaneously recorded for playback later. With live communication built into your phone, it’s one less gadget and added convenience for the already busy event planner.





5. The priority to maintain a creative mentality and atmosphere can get pushed to the end of the to-do list in order to focus on providing clients with the best services possible. But here at FLIRT, we believe the effort to foster a creative environment is worth it. It makes our work better, our relationships stronger, and makes it fun to come to work each day. That’s why surrounding ourselves with the works of other creators is important as reminders to keep things playful. Some of our favorite artwork displayed around our office is from the students at the After School Matters program in Chicago that provides teens with opportunitiesto develop their talents. We love the creative intention behind these works from young minds. Something like a Buddha Board would also be a great way to let the creative inspiration flow as it happens. The water painting board is a great desk accessory that helps foster the creative spirit we try to make a priority every day.