As an intern, I am constantly trying to learn new ways to be productive in the office and in the professional world, and the bottom line is that the days go by far too quickly to not use your time as productively as possible. At FLIRT, we do everything in our power to use our time as productively and efficiently as we can.performance_productivity-512

Everyone at FLIRT has their own style of productivity. To gain an insight into what works for the people in our office, I asked Brianna Smitko (Digital Engagement Specialist) Jamie Proctor (Executive Assistant) and Mae Quach (Graphic Design Intern) how they make the most of their workday. Here’s what they had to say:

BriaBrianna 275nna: I start my day by tackling my biggest task and getting it out of the way. Then, I make prioritized to-do lists of the things I need to get done. One of my favorite tricks is to set a timer for a specific task so that that I don’t get too absorbed into one item for too long. This helps a lot with combatting overthinking and overall time management.

Jamie 275Jamie: Lists and prioritizing are some of my biggest tools for being productive. It’s so important to get the essential things done first. Knowing who, what, and when to delegate and utilizing everyone’s individual talents can be another really resourceful tool. I like to play hard, so I have to work hard for that to happen.

Mae_ResizedMae: I have the Notes app on my iPhone that I use to make checklists of things I need to get done. When I get to put the little checkmark next to each task I complete, it’s a really satisfying feeling.


To be as productive as you can be on a daily basis always seems to be a conundrum for the average person, but the FLIRT team members had some great tips to share. Along with all of the fantastic tools they suggested, I did a little research myself on productive office and lifestyle habits. Here’s what I found:

Do the dreaded things first

Whether it’s waking up early to go to the gym or completing a task at work you weren’t looking forward too, it’s always better to get the things you don’t want to do out of the way first. It’s often human nature to procrastinate on things we don’t like, but let’s face it, nothing good ever comes out of procrastination. If things are accomplished in a timelier manner, there will be more time to focus on everything you enjoy doing. As Jamie said, “work hard, play hard”.

Don’t multitask

In theory it seems like the better you are at multitasking the more you can accomplish in a day. The truth is quality always beats quantity. Though multitasking may allow you to get more done in one day, your performance will be much lower quality. It’s better to focus and finish one task before beginning the next.

Say no

The word “no” is probably the most powerful word in the English language. I recently started reading a book called, The Positive Power of No. It goes into the dynamics of the word itself and how it can positively influence your life. Saying “yes” to too many commitments and not being able to follow through on all of them is unproductive and makes you seem unreliable. Saying no to things, and focusing on previous goals and jobs will overall help you succeed.