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Whether you’re at the office or lounging around at home, having your meals delivered straight to your doorstep is a blissful experience, especially if you’re a foodie like us at FLIRT. Besides the occasional lunch, every week we partake in Fro-yo Friday, where we have Pinkberry delivered to our office. It’s a fun and an absolutely delicious way to end our week.

Just like being at home for the holidays, our FLIRT family enjoys sitting down to have a meal with one another. It gives us time to catch up on each others lives, find out what’s going on around the office, and to take a short break from our busy work schedules. Food helps build our sense of community at FLIRT, and over the years it has become a part of our company culture. On Wednesday’s we have a creative inspiration lunch where food is ordered for everyone and the entire office gathers to share what’s currently inspiring them in their lives. When we have clients come to our office, we like to get lunch from one of our local restaurant like Giordano’s or Potbelly. Food creates a piece of the social atmosphere we have at FLIRT. As an intern, I often find myself as the person picking up these lunches which is why I decided to do a little research on some apps that will deliver all this food straight to our doorstep.

For a lot of places, food delivery has always been a part of their business, but today we live in a world where people want things fast, efficient and high quality. Food delivery apps have taken ordering-in to a whole other level. Now with just a few taps on our phone, we can have our meal delivered straight to us in minutes. These five food apps are a perfect way to eat out when leaving your location doesn’t seem feasible.


EAT24 is part of the Yelp family. Since Yelp is a platform dealing all with customer reviews and recommendations, a food service is a fantastic addition to their business. EAT24 is linked with over 25,000 restaurants in 1,500+ cities. Offices and individuals can order food from a number of their favorite restaurants and have it sent directly to them. Other perks about EAT24 include 24 hour 365 Day customer service lines, no service charge, pre-ordering and re-ordering.


Sprig provides a different model to ordering in. They have chefs who prepare a new menu daily in their headquarters, food made with fresh ingredients, and a delivery service that quickly delivers it right to your door. In comparison to a lot of other delivery apps, especially those with food made in-house, they have a much cleaner and leaner menu with nutrition facts provided for each meal. Perks about Sprig are its daily menu change, healthier options, as well as quick delivery times.


Turns out Uber can be used for more than just a ride home. UberEATS sends drivers out to pick up food from their lists of restaurants around the city and have them delivered to your convenience. In addition to ordering from its pre-approved restaurants, you can use the instant delivery feature. With this feature, you can order a signature dish from the Instant Delivery menu and you’ll be eating in as little as 10 minutes. Perks for this app include, speedy delivery, tip included, as well as food delivered in temperature controlled bags to prevent food getting cold.


This app would most likely get me the most in trouble. While it delivers food from numerous delicious restaurants around Chicago and other cities, it also delivers anything from coffee, to flowers, to clothes and other general store goods. In other cities drivers for Postmates are on bikes, but in Chicago they use cars due to weather and distances. Either way, this concept is amazing. They do have service and delivery charges for this app, as well as up to an hour long wait for deliveries, but their selection for products is much broader.

Door Dash

Like some of the previous apps, Door Dash is also partnered with tons of restaurants around the city. One thing I found specifically useful about this app is the ways it’s set up. The food and restaurants are set up into different food categories making it extremely easy to figure out what you want to order. They are also organized by restaurant rating, speed, and price. Another bonus to this app is that you can schedule a delivery time and date up to 4 days ahead of time. With an average delivery time under 45 minutes, lots of choices, and the option to customize orders, Door Dash is a great app to utilize.

So be lazy once and a while, stay in, and treat yourself to a delicious meal delivered straight to your door with one of these awesome delivery apps!