Artificial intelligence or ‘AI’ is the future of computing. AI is a broad term for making computers act intelligently via robotics, computer science, machine learning, language processing and much more. AI is not some recent phenomenon, yet it is becoming more and more prevalent in our daily lives. Artificial intelligence really has no boundaries or limits and will be the future of computing and analytics. So basically before you know it cars will be flying, your neighbors will be robots, and machines will take over the world. Just kidding, but its more possible now than ever! Listed below are just a few ways that artificial intelligence will change the way we live.

#1 Predicting Weather 

Predicting Weather: Predicting the weather can be extremely difficult and is often inaccurate. Artificial intelligence software is being created that will be able to evaluate all the available data quickly and then forecast the approaching weather. This software will do much more than let a person know whether or not they should bring an umbrella when leaving the house, but can help farmers and even prevent forest fires. The software will also be able to help with the climate change crisis and help aircraft’s avoid storms and dangerous areas. Though the software is not yet complete, within the next couple years expect to see more and more accurate predictions or the weather.

#2 Autonomous Cars

Companies like Google are already in the works on creating a fully autonomous (driver-less) car. The cars operate by having a laser radar system that is connected to a generated 3D map of the environment. The car will take in the information from the map and use its laser system to allow it to completely drive independent of any humans. Artificial intelligence is highly accurate and would remove the factor of human flaws and distractions. Though a lot of kinks still need to be figures out, more and more autonomous cars will be on the streets in the near future.

#3 Security/Military

AI is already being used to assist with national security situations as well as protect individual’s homes from burglary. Modern home alarm systems use AI to distinguish between the occupants of the home and unknown individuals. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security uses AI to help keep or country safe from terrorist threats. They use the AI software as a monitoring system that can scan phones and other communication devices to determine potential threats.

#4 Financial Services

Artificial intelligence is already very prevalent within the financial world. Already more than half of all the world’s stock trades are carried out by AI software. The software uses algorithms to spot trends and patterns with the market and helps predict price changes. The software is very accurate and has improved the returns for investors. Companies such as H&R Block have been implementing AI into their process to improve the customer experience and become more accurate with their decision making.

#5 Medical

Within the medical world Artificial intelligence is already being used, but it is getting more and more advantaged every day. It is used to help detect diseases and even heart attacks before they occur. Artificial muscles are being created that mimic the movements and functions of real muscles. Surgeons have been using robots to assist them during surgery in order to be more accurate and precise. They have even created a software that tracks individual’s health records and warns the patients and doctors of potential risk factors. As AI technology evolves many more lives will be saved and or improved.

#6 Modern Marketing

Some would say that modern marketing would be impossible without the implementation of artificial intelligence. Companies like Google and Facebook rely on AI to better target their advertisements as well as to combat fraud and hacks. These companies are able to gather data and specifically send individuals ads or content that is currently relevant to them. Because of AI these companies are able to connect personally to their consumers in real time. Without the implementation of AI in modern world you or your company will quickly fall behind and become irrelevant.



As you can see artificial intelligence is already very prominent around the world, but is becoming essential to many major jobs and operations around the world. AI can be used in all kinds of ways independent of these 6 examples. Comment below with any questions or insights regarding artificial intelligence!

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