Author: Abbey Mazur

Six Start Ups that are Changing the Game in 2017

We’re living in an age of disruptive business. First, Uber changed the way drive, then AirBnB changed the way we travel. Now, these six start-ups are breaking through in their respective industries with innovative solutions to our everyday needs. From digital pill bottles to self-brewing beer machines, these futuristic inventions are bridging the gap between […]

The Language of the Internet Has Come of Age

Learning to code HTML is like learning a new language. It’s riddled with new vocabulary, sentence structures, rules, and exceptions. Even the most proficient programmers need a point of reference every once and a while. That’s why we’re loving this HTML cheat sheet courtesy of It lists all HTML tags and includes their definition, […]

Tweens and teens are bailing on Facebook, opting instead for younger platforms like Snapchat and Instagram, eMarketer said in its mobile forecast Monday. Overall, Facebook’s domestic userbase will grow to 173 million people in 2017, a 2.4% increase year-over-year. Now here’s the rub: Facebook is seeing “higher usage among older Americans,” but lower usage among […]