Author: Henry Miguel

Easy Technology

If you Google “How to make beer,” you can get 211,000,000 results in under 60 seconds. Walking around any bookstore it is almost impossible to not sight a book on how to make anything from scratch: beer, butter, candles – you name it. The internet now is filled with resources like, DIY Network and […]

FLIRT Wants to Pass On The Love

Despite being a small company, FLIRT has a lot to give and a commitment to giving back to the community we call home: Chicago. We at FLIRT wanted to take a brief moment to share a video from our good friend Pastor Phil Jackson of Lawndale Community Church and President of The Firehouse Community Arts […]

Behind The Scenes on Stop Motion

Stop Motion is an odd medium. If you’re unfamiliar with it, just think 1954 Godzilla. That might sound a bit dated, but stop motion is more common than you think! There’s plenty of great stop motion examples in current classics, like the space crafts in Star Wars and Space Odyssey or the villages in Lord […]