Author: Kacie Bidwill

Halloween: The Artists' Holiday

The majority of the time, Halloween is associated with vampires, jack-o-lanterns and ghosts, and the creativity behind the holiday is often forgotten, but for The Halloween Gathering, this was not the case. Leading up to this past Halloween, FLIRT was selected as the agency responsible for all of the visual branding for the event, allowing […]

FLIRTcasting: R&R Edition

Whether you have to partake in the everyday sticky, humid and crowded commute to and from work or travel with the kids to their daily summer camps, everyone has the same mindset when it comes to the summer months – to relax and enjoy the weather when they get the chance. Granted, it hasn’t been the […]

FLIRTcasting: Spring Break Travel Edition

If you’re not a student, the question this time of year is: do you take a couple days from work to give yourself a spring break? Most likely the answer is yes. However, like most of us in the work obsessed world, you find yourself checking your email before, during and after your cocktails on […]

Not Just Happy Hour and Ping Pong Tables: Culture Building Tips From Some of Chicago's Best

While the value of company culture is sometimes hard to demonstrate, (it probably won’t pop-up on your annual report or appear on an ROI spreadsheet) it’s crucial to a company’s long-term sustainability. At FLIRT, we are proud to call Chicago our hometown, where deep-dish, jazz and now amazing company culture have become integral parts of what makes our city […]