Author: Mae Quach

FLIRT Casting: Websites to Inspire You.

Although we all strive to be productive as possible during work hours, there are times where inspiration and motivation disappear just when we need it most. In search of some inspiration, I looked up a few websites that can get your creative gears turning again and also relieve some stress when working on major projects […]

Summer Festival Survival Guide

One of the best things about Chicago is the copious amount of festivals that take place in the summer. Of course everyone knows the big name events such as Lollapalooza and Spring Awakening but there are also plenty of local festivals that are actually free to attend and just as exciting! But before you grab […]

FLIRT Casting: Event Marketing Edition.

The year 2016 has a bright future ahead of it with businesses in development of some of the most innovative technology we have yet to see. With new technology comes new practices in event marketing that will (hopefully) make things easier for the people involved. Events can get repetitive sometimes and incredibly hectic, but by […]