Author: Michael Gmitro

Reactions from the Youth Climate March Chicago

Last Friday, Sept. 20th, students and young people from around the world walked out of their classes and work to bring awareness to the global climate crisis. A group of the youngest FLIRTies participated in the Chicago Youth Climate March, and wanted to share their thoughts and reactions from the day, and what can be […]

7 Social Media Tips for Your Small Company

by Libby Kadel In today‚Äôs society, social media is becoming increasingly popular for business purposes, social networking, and personal entertainment. Social media can be a fun leisurely activity, but it can also play an important role in business; ensuring the business maintains its excellent reputation. Personally, I struggle with differentiating which content is most appropriate […]

Working from Home

The perils of procrastination, dogs, cats, daydreaming, catnaps and children and desire for bad office coffee. by: Michael Petan, Creative Director I have spent a lifetime working in a large open office, surrounded by coworkers who have become friends, mentors, and supportive teammates. Our sense of community in the office comes from our knowledge that […]