Author: Michael Gmitro

Working from Home

The perils of procrastination, dogs, cats, daydreaming, catnaps and children and desire for bad office coffee. by: Michael Petan, Creative Director I have spent a lifetime working in a large open office, surrounded by coworkers who have become friends, mentors, and supportive teammates. Our sense of community in the office comes from our knowledge that […]

2019 Pat Mac’s Pack 100K Bike Ride

FLIRT Communications is proud to be a Presenting Sponsor for the 2019 Pat Mac’s Pack 100K Bike Ride.  Pat Mac’s Pack is a charitable foundation established in memory of Patrick Thomas McNamara, who died at the age of 13 after an eleven-year battle with recurrent brain tumors. The goal of the foundation is to help […]

A Sound Education

by: Leslie Fenton, Executive Producer When you have a child, you are handed an entirely new set of responsibilities. Yes, you have to feed, clothe and shelter them.  But that’s just the beginning.  You have to teach them kindness and compassion.  Tolerance and judgment.  How to love and be loved. And of course, just as […]