Author: Michael Petan

Who’s Your Chief Design Officer?

Every day, we’re surrounded by brilliant design: from industrial, to graphic, to architectural, to the personal. We all make decisions based on design impressions every day, from simple subway signage that makes order out of the chaos of the rush hour to the elegance of the new Apple watch interface. Apple has elevated design for […]

Surprise and Delight with Random Acts of Wow

At FLIRT, we believe that embracing kindness is not only part of a healthy way of life but also a proven business strategy! When a brand, company or a person spontaneously expresses an act of kindness, it is remembered forever. When was the last time kindness randomly crossed your path? In the world of corporate communications, it’s as […]

The American Social Conscience

Tis the season for charitable giving! And The Chronicle of Philanthropy ( is a smartly-designed, interactive experience that slices and dices data regarding the million+ charities in America. Explore the site to find countless segmented statistics about cause categories, regional giving and individual vs. corporate donations. There are even resources for non-profits to help them […]