Author: Michael Petan

Monkey See Monkey Do?

Primatologists have noted that, due to their highly social nature, primates must maintain personal contact with other members of their social group, usually through social grooming. Such social groups function as protective cliques within the physical groups in which the primates live. The number of social group members a primate can track appears to be limited […]

Elevating the Corporate Intranet

It seems like most talk surrounding social media relates to its external use (B to C). What about the value and benefit that comes from the connections enabled by social media internally? Conversation between “corporate tribes?” Like-minded individuals connected by a common corporation? We know that there is value in every business (regardless of industry or size) […]

Co-worker as Consumer

WINK thinks that . . . corporations should engage co-workers just like they engage valuable consumers! Corporations spend over 100 billion dollars developing “relationships” with consumers. Corporations leverage every communication platform out there from Facebook to Super Bowl ads to keep their brand top of mind and the conversation going. So I wonder . . […]