Stop Motion is an odd medium. If you’re unfamiliar with it, just think 1954 Godzilla. That might sound a bit dated, but stop motion is more common than you think! There’s plenty of great stop motion examples in current classics, like the space crafts in Star Wars and Space Odyssey or the villages in Lord of The Rings. So, stop motion can be really high quality. But despite the beautiful looks that can be achieved, it’s still a pretty odd craft. It’s easy to get into it and start creating but requires patience and dedication to keep it up. The gist of it is: you take a picture of your subject and you move it – and do so until you’re done. They’re all static images, but since the subject is being moved in all of them it creates the illusion of natural movement when played back.  After 24 pictures, you have a second of animation, which is not a whole lot. To have a single minute, one would have to take approximately 1440 pictures. Oof!

Sitting around in a dark room all by yourself moving little puppets or pieces of clay and taking pictures can be quite the chore (a fun one though!). There’s a peaceful nature to stop motion that is hard to get anywhere else. It’s kind of like reading a book under a tree, where you’re actively focused on something but everything around you just goes at its own pace, unaware of your presence. On the other hand, it can also be very unforgiving. If you move something too fast, or in the wrong direction, or there’s a light flicker (or any of the million things that can go wrong) there’s only one solution: Reshoot. If you’re unlucky and the error is so grave you can’t edit it out, you have to reshoot the entire sequence, since it can be hard to replicate the conditions of the original shooting. That, however, is a good learning experience and usually makes for a better shot at the end, which is always good.

For FLIRT’s stop motion piece, I was very inspired by the old MTV little idents that would be shown during commercial break. They always had a very fun and casual feel to them but were able to maintain and communicate the brand ideals really well in an entertaining and out of the box way.

You can check it out here

Hope you enjoy!