Andy & Marti2“Look at your e-mail’s outbox; there’s a ton of blog posts right there.”

Andy Crestodina, a web strategist and founder of Orbit Media Studios, aptly pointed out at the other night’s Marketing Hack event that when launching a blog, your outbox could be a great source of inspiration for writing topics. So we decided to see what our outbox might have in store for our blog pipeline and here’s a teaser of what we found:

  • The Wide World of Event Apps
  • How To Recruit & Train Interns
  • The Truth About QR Codes
  • Remembering Social Good
  • Building a Budget
  • Finding the Right Talent for your Event
  • Tips & Tricks for a HootSuite Organization
  • The Importance of a Social Media Plan
  • Best Hotels for Meetings & Conferences
  • Event Production: The Quirks & Oddities
  • Inspiring a Creative Work Environment
  • Production Showbooks: Print or Digital?
  • Engage Your Audience: Polls & Surveys

Don’t be surprised if these titles pop up in your search engine results in the near future—that was our intention! With that in mind, WINK was designed to be a resource for you…so in the meantime we’d love to hear about what other topics YOU would like to hear FLIRT’s perspective on? We’d love to sound off on those themes too!

The Marketing Hack event was co-hosted by Crestodina and Marti Konstant, a technology marketer of Open Kernal Labs, on Wednesday, June 6, 2012 in Chicago. The two led a workshop discussion of SEO, keyword research, and writing tips for blogs. The photo is courtesy of Tim Keelan, a fellow workshop attendee.