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Integrated Tech for Event Success

Today we’re very excited to share a guest post from Brian Kolb of Wright’s Media. We’ve collaborated with Brian on the event app for Content Marketing World over the past few years and it gets better every time! We always walk away with a new insight or idea after talking to Brian (and usually a few laughs too!) […]

FLIRTcasting Holiday Communication Edition

[show_avatar email=17 user_link=authorpage show_name=true] What do the holidays mean to you? To children, the holidays may mean writing letters to the North Pole. To adults the holidays mean cringing over secret santa drawings, because finding a good gift can be oh so difficult. Either way, a message is sent from a child to Santa and from you to your […]

Building an Agency of Curiosity

Just over a week ago, our city saw its 4th annual Chicago Ideas Week. From the inspiration of Brad Keywell and to a slightly lesser degree Eric Lefkofsky, founder of Groupon, this magical week brings to world-renowned speakers and hands-on labs and experiences to our city for a curiosity-packed week once a year. Each is designed to […]

FLIRTcasting: Event Marketers…Summer Better Than Others

Summer is officially here, bringing with it some of the largest and most exciting events of the year. The most expensive World Cup to date is underway with a whopping $14 Billion budget. For those of you who are less sports-inclined, almost 50,000 people nerded out at E3 as some of the most exciting games […]