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Reactions from the Youth Climate March Chicago

Last Friday, Sept. 20th, students and young people from around the world walked out of their classes and work to bring awareness to the global climate crisis. A group of the youngest FLIRTies participated in the Chicago Youth Climate March, and wanted to share their thoughts and reactions from the day, and what can be […]

Immersive Technology in Science Fiction Films: Part 1

Have you ever felt desirous of the technology on display in science fiction films, and hoped that similar inventions could exist in the present? Or are you on the opposite side of the spectrum, and you see science fiction films as prophetic warnings about our imminent fusion with technology? Whether you are looking forward to […]

Easy Technology

If you Google “How to make beer,” you can get 211,000,000 results in under 60 seconds. Walking around any bookstore it is almost impossible to not sight a book on how to make anything from scratch: beer, butter, candles – you name it. The internet now is filled with resources like, DIY Network and […]