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FLIRTcasting Holiday Communication Edition

[show_avatar email=17 user_link=authorpage show_name=true] What do the holidays mean to you? To children, the holidays may mean writing letters to the North Pole. To adults the holidays mean cringing over secret santa drawings, because finding a good gift can be oh so difficult. Either way, a message is sent from a child to Santa and from you to your […]

Employee Return On Engagement

All too commonly used and thrown around is the phrase “return on investment” (ROI). We attempted to explain ROI for events years ago here, but it’s about time we revisit the idea.  What does ROI really mean besides the common definition?  For “x” amount of dollars invested one receives an output of “y” amount of […]

Top Trends: Event Marketing Summit 2014

If you’re in the event and experiential industry and wanted to learn about the hottest and most talked-about topics in our industry, the epicenter of these discussions occurred about a week ago in Salt Lake City at the Event Marketing Summit. Current and aspiring industry leaders from around the world assemble to recap and discuss best […]

Build Corporate Gladness During March Madness

It’s that time again – March Madness and the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. The time when working on company spreadsheets gets bypassed for working on the perfect bracket. When talk at the water cooler is about upsets and last second shots rather than closing deals and operational efficiency. Recent reports estimate that $1.2 billion dollars […]