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FLIRT Stories: Part 3

The end of 2016 is quickly approaching, but don’t go anywhere just yet because we still have five notable FLIRTies to introduce to you. We continued the interview process to discover motivation, career juncture, and ultimately, why FLIRT? Last, but certainly not least, we bring you FLIRT Stories Part 3: Where in the world is […]

FLIRT Stories: Part 2

The first edition was such a smashing success, so why not continue the fun? The FLIRT staff is full of many influential and creative minds – Each and every FLIRTie contributes to the final production. Us interns continued our research to discover motivation, career juncture, and ultimately, why FLIRT? Ladies and gentlemen, vendors and freelancers, […]

FLIRT Stories: Part I

The FLIRT staff is full of influential and creative minds, but sometimes we wonder…how did it all come to be? We decided to do a little field research of our own and interview the FLIRTies to discover motivation, career juncture, and ultimately, why FLIRT? Without further ado, we humbly introduce FLIRT Stories Part I: Shh…Do […]

Fall Festivals in Chicago

Millennium Park’s Autumn Blaze Maples and Homestead Elms are beginning to lose their warm green hues. A collection of spectacular-colored crimson, orange, and sunglow yellow paint the sidewalk with expressions of fall. The harvest is upon us, now we can cherish the last leg of produce available at farmer’s markets and of course devour everything […]

National Ice Cream Day – #FLIRTsundae

National Ice Cream Day is Sunday, July 17th! FLIRT decided this is a holiday we definitely couldn’t miss so we came up with the idea of making our own #FLIRTsundae, complete with FLIRTY oranges and more!  This sundae is simple to make and tastes amazing, so get your ingredients together and create our #FLIRTsundae with us: Ingredients: […]

Warm Weather and New Interns!

With summer here, we are enjoying the warm weather, outdoor lunch breaks and two brand new interns! They have been with us for just over a month and they have already taken the plunge into assisting with upcoming events and FLIRT’s social media presence. Continue reading to learn more about Kam Yan Chan, our Graphic Design intern […]