Category: Random Inspiration

New Year, New Goals

With the start of the new year, we took a few moments to evaluate what our priorities should be in 2013 — some light-hearted, some serious. Take a look! Maybe they can serve as an inspiration for YOUR 2013. Be in the moment. It is so easy to be thinking about the next thing on […]

The American Social Conscience

Tis the season for charitable giving! And The Chronicle of Philanthropy ( is a smartly-designed, interactive experience that slices and dices data regarding the million+ charities in America. Explore the site to find countless segmented statistics about cause categories, regional giving and individual vs. corporate donations. There are even resources for non-profits to help them […]

Keeping Creativity Alive

At FLIRT we are committed to ensuring that creativity is top of mind. As you can imagine, this gets hard to do at times, as we all get busy running around in 100 different directions. We believe we’ve found a way to keep creativity alive: Creative Inspiration Lunches! Every month we come together over some delicious […]