new blog According to recent Department of Labor statistics, the average tenure of an employee in the U.S. is now only a year and a half. What do these numbers mean to our clients and our partners and our future?

At FLIRT we believe in the power of branding to create and sustain an invigorating work environment that attracts, inspires and retains talent. Unfortunately, most corporate branding efforts are externally focused on consumer, customer and Wall Street – not on the internal employees, coworkers and partners. Investing in a more personal internal branding strategy allows an enterprise to create meaningful relationships and builds loyalty – within its offices, making it very hard for talent to wander off!

FLIRT’s internal branding strategy has little to do with training, benchmarks, Powerpoint presentations, HR, conferences and financial incentives…it has a lot to do with perception, promise, personality and passion. Things you carry in your heart not your head.

Check out Louis Efron’s insights into high levels of employee turnover. All of them appeal to your heart first and foremost.