The best way to foster creativity and engagement within the workplace varies depending on where you look and who you ask. It is essential to the success of a company not only that its employees are satisfied and happy, but also that there is an environment that encourages contribution and support.

the FLIRT Family

At FLIRT keeping employees engaged and promoting teamwork and collaboration is incorporated through multiple platforms. As the Chicago weather starts to warm up, in the past FLIRTies have loved venturing out to baseball games to enjoy some out of the office fun. Dressing up and embracing holidays is a FLIRT fave, from wearing sombreros on Cinco de Mayo to having a Halloween work party. Events like these are great because often it allows our company to give back to surrounding Chicago charities through exciting contests utilizing social media. We all know the feeling you get come Friday afternoon – to pickup the energy among the office Froyo Fridays is a great perk to look forward to. Nothing tastes better while you work than a delicious cup of frozen yogurt. As our team is focused on internal communications and employee engagement of other companies, Creative Inspiration Lunches are a great way to talk about new innovative findings and creative platforms our company could pursue in the future. Additionally, weekly meetings that promote brainstorming and inclusion on input (even from the interns) promotes teamwork on all levels.

After looking at a few different articles and analyzing a variety of workplaces within Chicago, here are the major takeaways I felt created a winning culture for other companies.