“The greatest inhibitor to creativity is comfort and repetition.” Creativity is such a crucial part of the business world today. We all would like to say we have it, but continuously having fresh, original creativity can be difficult. Here at FLIRT one fun way we have sought to bolster our creativity is with our Creative Inspiration Lunches. The Creative Inspiration Lunches are meant to bring our FLIRT staff together to share with each other interesting new innovations in the industry, useful technology, or anything that has been inspiring us lately.

Sharing our inspirations means that we step aside from each of our own personal creative processes to absorb others, and hopefully inject new energy to break free from that creative writers block that everyone experiences at one time or another.

From group exercises rooted in the principals of improv practice, to brainstorming new methods of event presentation for our clients, these lunches go beyond team-building to give our group new ideas and new avenues to pursue.


Here are just a few of the recent highlights:

  • Group improv exercises like the Dada Monologue to free your brain from repetitive thinking.


  • Relaxation techniques and technology to facilitate a clear mind for creativity.


  • A look into new innovations in hologram technology and ways to incorporate them for events and live presentation.



These periodic meetings help us here at FLIRT to create an environment that is continuously growing in our creative thinking and allow us to have some fun while we’re at it.