The year 2016 has a bright future ahead of it with businesses in development of some of the most innovative technology we have yet to see. With new technology comes new practices in event marketing that will (hopefully) make things easier for the people involved. Events can get repetitive sometimes and incredibly hectic, but by using technology that is meant to make our lives easier, getting through an event will be a breeze in the future. With audience engagement on the rise plus the variety of technological tools that event marketers can use to their advantage, it won’t take much to make your events even that much better.


Even beyond event marketing, people around the globe are excited to see what advances in technology the world will make. From commercial-use 3D printing to perhaps a new iPhone by the end of this year, there are hundreds of new and cool devices and apps that will change the way people interact online.


  1. Snapchat Geofilters: If you’re a Snapchat enthusiast like me, then you’ll be very excited about the new personalized geofilter possibilities! The app will now allow you to create your own custom geofilter for any occasion you want, so long as it gets approved within the company guidelines.
  2. 3D Printing Event: Think about anything you would ever want to print—food, sculptures, or even a car. Since there is an enormous increase for the use of 3D printing, I can bet you that this will eventually become an integral part of events. Imagine some 3D printed goody bags!
  3. Summit Sync. Like Tinder, but for professionals who attended events on the regular. You can connect with other professionals that are also a part of the event to change things up once in awhile. I think networking through this app would work wonders.
  4. Word Lens. Have you ever had to travel outside of the country for an event? Word Lens might end up saving you from language barrier problems as it translates things in real time! It utilizes your smartphone’s camera to quickly scan text and give you a translation within seconds.


These are just some of the few things I discovered in 2016 and it hasn’t even been halfway through the year yet! It’s exciting to be a part of a growing world that values technology, especially since event marketing can really benefit from innovative uses of such technology.