Although we all strive to be productive as possible during work hours, there are times where inspiration and motivation disappear just when we need it most. In search of some inspiration, I looked up a few websites that can get your creative gears turning again and also relieve some stress when working on major projects and pushing to meet deadlines.

  1. Habitica.
  • This website is perfect for those who love games and want to increase their productivity. It is a free habit-building and productivity website that treats your real-life like a game. It is complete with in-game rewards and punishments to motivate you and also houses a strong social network to inspire you. Habitica can help achieve goals and inspire you to do more!
  1. Pollock Painting
  • Sometimes the best inspiration comes from letting your mind relax and being creative in other ways. With this Pollock Painting, you can create your own version of a Jackson Pollock painting, which is an exciting and fun way to de-stress from upcoming deadlines and knock out inspiration block.
  1. Site Inspire
  • If you’ve ever felt stuck while designing a website or wanted to update a dull design to something trendy and aesthetically pleasing, Site Inspire is a great place for design inspiration! There are various types of design examples that are inspirational for aesthetic direction as well as color scheme choices.
  1. I Need A Prompt
  • Say goodbye to writer’s block! I Need A Prompt is a great website that generates really interesting and “out-there” prompts for the times where writer’s block seem to creep up on you. Even if some of the prompts seem wildly unrelated to what you’re doing, it can be an inspirational resource to help with creative and critical thinking.

Making the most of your time at work can be challenging—especially during a slow day at the office! Whenever I’m not feeling motivated or inspired, with school or work, I generally try to find outlets to relieve that “block” so that I can get back into action. These websites have helped me in recent weeks to be more creative and to think out of the box when it comes to client work or even writing a blog post!