Birthday-FIA full five years have passed since we opened our doors as FLIRT Communications, LLC and we couldn’t be more proud of how far we’ve come! April 15th, 2013 commemorated our fifth birthday and we had a lot to celebrate. First and foremost, we couldn’t have accomplished half of what we have without the loyalty, support and strong relationships with our clients, vendors and friends. We can’t thank them enough!

We took our best shot though, and engaged them in a week-long campaign that gave them “gifts” each day throughout our birthday week:

  • Monday: We changed all of the bios and candids on our FLIRT Family page to feature something with the number five – all were comical! We’ve since returned it to its original state.
  • Tuesday: We challenged them to match each FLIRTie with his or her five-year-old self. The game is still live and you can check your guesses here!
  • Wednesday: We shared an embarrassing attempt at singing The Birthday Song in five different languages. Enjoy a laugh at our expense here!
  • Thursday: We announced the winning recipe and mixologist of our FLIRTini cocktail contest. Earlier in the week, we asked for participants to submit five ingredients that they thought would make the best FLIRTini. We enjoyed the recipe during our celebration that night!
  • Friday: We reflected on and shared our favorite memories and accomplishments over the past five years with this interactive timeline.

A huge thanks to all who participated in the campaign. With every click to our birthday site, we donated $5 to our favorite Chicago charities: Imerman Angels, Clearbrook and After School Matters.

Has your company celebrated a milestone recently? How did you commemorate your successes?