Intern…for a new intern that is!

FLIRT is always looking for individuals who stand out in a crowd. Anyone can be exceptionally tall, but we’re looking for someone whose communication skills and creativity put them head and shoulders above the rest, innovative people with unique perspectives who aren’t afraid to be themselves.

Are you a visual thinker? Do you consider yourself a writer, a creative writer at that? This internship position will require an individual that is energetic, focused and prepared to dive headfirst into creative brainstorms, writing assignments, presentations and creative concept building. Sounds great, right? We think so! Anticipate deadlines and be ready to think fast!

What else will I be doing?

  • Researching and introducing new creative concepts
  • Preparing and rehearsing creative pitches
  • Organizing a database of creative presentations
  • Taking and organizing notes during brainstorms
  • Proof-reading and editing scripts and presentations

What will I gain from this internship?

  • How to work in a creative team-based environment
  • How to evaluate an audience and deliver a meaningful message for Fortune 500 Companies
  • Following an idea from inception to performance
  • Learning to prepare and pitch live concepts
  • How to elevate your writing skills to the next level

Who will I be working with?

FLIRT is a collaborative environment, so you’ll be working with everyone in FLIRT family. Some of our collective experiences include:

  • Head writer for SpongeBob Square Pants
  • Main stage actor and director at Second City
  • All-girl rock band member
  • Classically trained musician
  • College football player
  • Award winning digital marketer and avid blogger
  • #1 seller of Girl Scout cookies


Is my major ideal for this position?

If you are majoring in Communications, Advertising, Marketing or Entrepreneurial studies…it is! An interest in live theater, film and performing arts is a bonus.


Is this internship really as great as it sounds?

Don’t take our word for it. See what our latest interns have had to say:
“This office is NEVER boring! The FLIRTies are brilliant, creative and super friendly people.”

“Never be afraid to ask a question. Everyone is open-minded to your thoughts, and you never know when you’ll have one that changes things”!

“If you produce something worthwhile, you’ll know – everyone at FLIRT is great at commending strong work”.

-Tori T.


“You truly use all the skills you learn in class in every aspect of this internship, it’s very rewarding to see your studies pay off”!

“You’ll be surprised by how much responsibility everyone here at FLIRT gives you — own it and rock it”!

-Maria H.


This is a paid internship opportunity. Tuesday/Thursday availability preferred. Send creative cover letter and resume to, subject: Fall Internship – FLIRT Communications.