Chances are your smartphone is already loaded up with the classic apps like Facebook, Spotify, CNN, and Trivia Crack, but there is a plethora of other apps just waiting for you to find them. Here at FLIRT we are all tech-savvy people and try to stay current with all the new trends, but, admittedly, we had no idea any of these life changing apps existed! I’m not sure how we survived so long without them… but it’s no wonder we missed them, the app store can be a little intimidating with over 1.3 million apps for you to choose from.

The saying “there’s an app for that” has never been truer. If you aren’t checking our emails, tweeting, pinning, and sending a snapchat simultaneously you are falling behind. As a society we live, breath, sleep technology. It’s exhausting trying to keep up with it all…well what if I was to tell you there was an easier way to do it? All jokes aside, with the click of a button an app can do almost anything for you, from generating your grocery list to choosing the appropriate wine to drink with dinner! With the little help from the technology angels you have just a little bit more time for yourself (or with your phone I suppose…)Quixel_Circle

1. Quixey: Okay, we are fully aware that it sounds a little overboard to download an app that manages your other apps because you have so many apps…but bear with us… Quixey is an Android compatible app that is self-marketed as the app “building the next generation of mobile search”. But taglines and buzzwords aside, this app is pretty brilliant. It scans through all the mess and clutter and identify the app you need. For example, type “what is going on in the world” into the Quixey search bar and it’ll give you all the relevant apps for the job!

2. Keeply: Remember when you were a kid and you could buy those diaries that had a lock and key so your siblings or parents couldn’t read it, because obviously you had a ton of highly proprietary preteen drama to hide? Remember when you lost the key and felt like all was lost (or is that just us?). In any case, Keeply is the new and improved version!!! At any age you need a place where you can keep your private information, Keeply is the modern day little sister-proof, password protected app that lives in your phone. Store anything from credit card numbers to your social security number to various passwords. Still a little paranoid? Keeply even has features like fake pin, that when entered by a suspecting friend shows an empty app, and face-down lock which automatically hides everything as soon as you place your phone face down on a surface. The best feature, however, may just be intruder photo; anyone who unsuccessfully tries to access your account will have their picture taken! Feel like James Bond yet?

3. NewsCues: With hundreds of news apps out there, and the 24-hour news cycle constantly speeding up, how do you keep up on current events? Enter newscuesNewsCues. The beauty of this app is that it only pings you when a big story pops. It also has a couple other key features: it organizes the most important and most popular stories into a feed and it also picks up on your habits and organizes your feed accordingly. For instance, if you never read the news about sports (like this intern), it would register that and immediately dispose of anything sports related. And for the stories you do want to read, the app makes it easy by summarizing the need to know facts into an “informative and easy-to-digest blurb”.

4. WordLens: Language barriers are inevitable; the universe is diverse with over 6,000 spoken languages in the world today. Between the mass amounts of different languages in the world and the increased amount of international travel, there should be a way to better way to communicate. And wouldn’t you know it, there is: Word Lens!! The power of this app has the potential to solve an eternal problem. Let me tell you how it’s going to change all of our lives: using augmented reality software, this app translates printed text between two languages using the camera on your phone – best part is, no network connection is needed, so if you’re stumbling through the streets of Paris without bars or a clue as to where you are, all you need is your iPhone.

5. Acorns: I’m not sure about any of you but I am bad at two things: collecting/saving loose change, and investing. Well, my prayers have been answered- acornsAcorns, an investment app for IOS and Android that takes your spare change and magically turns it into an investment portfolio. You’re probably thinking “how is this possible?” The way that this works is you connect a debit or credit card to the app and every time you make a purchase with that card, the app rounds up to the nearest dollar and invests the runoff change. Like me if you don’t know anything about investing the app will manage that for you, or you can make your own investments. This obviously should not be your only form of savings since it takes such a small amount of money but it’s amazing how much it builds in such a short amount of time!

6. TV Food Maps: How many times have you been stumped on where to go eat? Chances are there’s tons of places around you but either you don’t have a taste for anything or your hosting guests and you want to make a good impression but don’t know what they like- bottom line, everyone has run into this problem. And whenever you ask for other people’s help, it only solidifies further that you have no idea where to go. Now there is an app called TV Food Maps, it is an updated comprehensive digital map of restaurants in your area that have also been featured on Food Network, Travel Channel, and more.  It allows you to click on the restaurant and read reviews and comments for each listing. And then it goes one step further and provides directions to the restaurant of your choosing.

7. Agent: My last app suggestion and quite possibly the most useful is Agent.  The idea of this app is that you’ll never have to touch your settings again. agentAgent’s use of context based triggers totally rids the need for you to have to constantly open your phone and go into your settings menu. There are 5 lifesaving and time saving attributes this beautiful app has. The first is Battery Saver, now who doesn’t like the sound of that? If you need to conserve your battery after a long day at work and you have a 30 minute commute home Agent knows that and closes out the apps that are not in use and dims your screen for you. Sleep Secretary and Meeting Agent are also wonderful features of this app; it knows once you’ve gone to bed or are in a meeting and silences your phone, except for important people. Remember where you parked? Thanks to Parking Memory, now you don’t have to and you get to avoid walking aimlessly around the parking lot! And lastly, Driver Assist, it knows when you’re driving so if you get a text message, it can respond for you. This app may prove once and for all that there is no excuse this day-in-age to be discourteous or forgetful! Now if careless individuals can just remember to download the app…