In the past few weeks, we’ve once again seen the rise of new tech and event trends, some better than others. In a world where the social-media-comic“Yo” app is given serious marketing consideration, trying to pan for innovation gold in a river of fads can be difficult (More).

Whether it’s communicating through social media, decorations, or appropriate workplace rhetoric, the key is to stay agile and adaptable. Take a look at some of our favorite insights from the past two weeks to help keep you ahead of the curve.

Promoting your brand at events can be a great way to gain exposure and create a lasting impression on your guests. The problem is, plastering your event company’s logo on anything and everything can come off as pushy and self-serving. The key is to create win-win engagements where attendees walk away feeling victorious with the spoils to match. For a few strong examples of how to win the day, Read More Here.

Sure, Instagram is great at making our faces look better, but what about our businesses? After its release in 2010, Instagram quickly became the best friend of pet lovers, weekend travelers and home recipe evangelists. But after almost 4 years, Instagram has stood the test of time and needs to be incorporated in your digital marketing strategy. So how are other businesses using Instagram to start conversations with their customers? “Instagram for Business” brings you tips and case studies of picture-perfect engagement-driven strategies. Check it out here.

The world of digital marketing, much like parenting, is an endless fight for Millenials’ attention. Therefore, any app that reliably engages young users and inspires content creation will ultimately be used for marketing. Enter Snapchat. Born in 2011, Snapchat began as a bit of a problem child, initially gaining popularity as a medium for sharing discrete photos. The photo-sharing tool has since evolved into a global, multi-media platform that gives a voice and a face to otherwise anonymous individuals. But like any mobile app, there are best practices that evolve as fast as the apps themselves. To stay on top of Snapchat marketing do’s and don’ts, check out this article.

We’ve all been there. We want to sound smart, qualified and competent so we throw around big words and industry acronyms. We fear showing weakness so we act as if we’re always right.  But what are we really saying when we hide behind buzz words and self-inflating bravado? How can a leader walk the fine line between fearless confidence and humility? As a leader, avoid losing your audience before you make it to your message by minding these 5 communication tips.

Flower ToiletFor most event marketers, decorations are used to create an atmosphere that resonates with attendees and communicates a specific feeling. So why should that atmosphere evaporate in stairwells and bathrooms where attendees spend much of their time? By exploring unconventional decoration locations, you can create a seamless and memorable experience that surprises and delights attendees. Or even better, take ugly duckling necessities like urinals and make them beautiful. To see new frontiers for event decorations, check out this slideshow.

The communications landscape is constantly changing, so here at FLIRT, we’re evolving with it. To make sure you’re always up to date with the current trends, be sure to always check out our bi-weekly FLIRTcastings.