While it may not seem like it with the weather outside, opening week has finally arrived in the Windy City. Temperatures are supposed to reach a scorching high of 45 degrees, but it seems Chicagoans will be more excited about the Sox/Cubs season starting off than worried about the temperatures for the day.  And so, as baseball season finally begins, we will begin our list of great resources and links for you to check out!

Does your office struggle with getting the most out of your strategy meetings? Here’s a new book with a solution:  Moments of Impact: How to Design Strategic Conversations That Accelerate Change provides several useful tools for making sure all voices are heard and empathized with at strategy meetings. Click here to view some of the book’s tips.

Hootsuite just came out with a brilliant self-promotional video, complete with a beautiful homage to the popular HBO show, Game of Thrones. We can’t stop watching!

Sometimes, smaller is better. Mightybell is a social network that brings the large scale functionality of  social networking to smaller communities. Read more about this newly launched social network on Fortune.

Meet iCracked: the Uber for cracked phone screens. Now there’s no longer a need to go to those sketchy corner stores to get your screen fixed. Or crossing your fingers that AppleCare or your provider’s insurance plan will cover it. Next time, use iCracked.

All of us (event professionals in particular) want to pack light for a trip, to save the $25 of checking a bag by sausaging a week’s worth of clothing into a plane’s overhead compartment. PackPoint is a free Android app that takes the stress out of packing by asking a few simple questions: your gender, your destination and the duration of your stay. It also take into account the weather of your destination. We’ve found our new best friend!

One of our favorite things about Fridays are Adweek’s “Top 5 Commercials of the Week”. On top this week: Pepsi, Dermablend, Vodafone, Coca-Cola, and Nike.

All marketers know that social media is the key to building personal relationships with consumers, but do you know which social networks and devices are used together the most? This infographic from The Wall Street Journal is a great tool when learning about how your audience used social media.

FLIRTcasting is our collection of links from outside your normal web sources. Even if they aren’t from the event and corporate communication industry, you might find them relevant to what you’re doing and thinking.