PicfxHappy Good Friday, everyone! We’ve hunted all over the Internet for some “egg-tra” cool and informative topics for this week’s FLIRTcasting. “Egg-spect” some noteworthy ideas and general things you should know! We hope your weekend is filled with lifesized chocolate rab

Sick of the same old dip-dyed Easter eggs? Here are 14 “egg-ceptionally” nerdy Easter egg designs that will get you through the rest of your Friday. “Paint egg-cellent eggs, you do!”

Does your social media content need some spicing up or do you want to become more influential on sites like Facebook and Twitter? Here are six things that the most influential people on social media do to grab users’ attention.

We’re coming into a world where water bottles are a thing of the past. Why drink from a bottle when you can drink from a water blob? Oohos water blobs are currently in the process of being mass produced and approved by the FDA. Would you drink in this new, futuristic way?

Joe Biden just joined Instagram recently and posted an epic selfie featuring President Barack Obama. It doesn’t compete with the selfie taken at the Oscars, but we give props to Vice President Biden for having this as his first Instagram post.

Looking for an engaging and tech-savvy activity for your next event? Take a look at iBeacon. It’s a scavenger hunt mobile app that your attendees can download right to their devices and can guide them through the entire activity. The app can give participants push notifications about hints and objectives. Kind of neat, huh?

Any professional knows the pain of traveling with multiple mobile devices, computers, and charging cords. MIT has solved this problem by creating The Dart, a smart phone sized charging cable for your laptop that fits in the palm of your hand. Not only will this rid your workspace of clunky, long laptop chargers, it also helps professionals travel lightly!

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