Summer is officially here, bringing with it some of the largest and most exciting events of the year. The most expensive World Cup to date is underway with a whopping $14 Billion budget. For those of you who are less sports-inclined, almost 50,000 people nerded out at E3 as some of the most exciting games and technologies were unveiled. Or maybe you were catching clips of the Governors Ball in New York as Outkast, Jack White, Vampire Weekend and The Strokes headlined. E3

No matter what kind of events you’re into, each brings the latest and greatest technologies to make each event the best it can be. We’ve trekked across the world (wide web) to find you the most interesting and impactful articles about events, social media and digital marketing. Take a look at what we found:

Here at FLIRT, we often have our heads in the clouds…word clouds that is. With almost 1 Trillion gigabytes of internet data being passed around worldwide, picking out the most important search terms can be daunting. Luckily, software developer “Infomous” has cracked the code and is revolutionizing how people explore information online through interactive word clouds. Check them out here.

New technologies are popping up all day, every day. Apple alone is adding 20,000 apps per month, not to mention a slew of new software and web apps for businesses. Good thing the experts over at “Udemy” have created inexpensive and easy-to-follow online courses to help you hone your tech skills. Find them here.

At Flirt, every event gets its own personal touch. We’re kind of like King Midas (sans beards). Speaking of touch, here are some incredible touchscreen-based technologies from “Inhance Digital” that can put the power in the hands of your attendees. Watch the video here.

Guerilla event marketing is a great way to engage pedestrians in an instant, but also create a lasting brand buzz when it’s time to pack up. With event companies going “bigger and better,” finding the right balance between engaging and obnoxious can be tough. The writers over at “Inc.” have some tips to save you from walking away with egg on your face. Unless of course your event involves eggs on peoples’ faces, in which case we say “more power to ya!” Check out their article here.

What’s geofencing?  We’re glad you asked. Turns out it’s a revolutionary new way to capture and analyze live participant data. Don’t just take our word for it, check out this brief guide on geofencing your next event here.

We’re always on the lookout for the hottest new trends in event and digital marketing. Feel free to drop us a line and let us in on what you think are the hottest trends in digital tech. And, as always, tune in bi-weekly for more of our helpful tips or check out some of our past FLIRTcasting and blog posts.