peteWith the temperatures rising, the elves at FLIRT get a little… restless. Consequently, some pranks may have been played recently. Like Pete there on the right. He’s been out shooting client video work for a week so we began to use his office for storage. This is what he came back to:

Be Wary Of The Collision Of Conference Traditions & Attendee Expectations – “Conference organizers have not even begun to explore the outer limits of their meeting’s full potential. Currently the conference’s limitless potential is crashing headlong into its leader’s self-imposed boundaries and limitations. They sell the conference short.”

Heineken Asks Travelers at JFK to Drop Everything, Fly to Mysterious Location – There you are, walking through JFK, on your way to… somewhere else. You’re packed, you’re ready to go. But there, you see a button. And if you push the button, you win a free trip to somewhere (it could be amazing or it could be North Dakota). The catch? You have to leave right now. Interesting experiential marketing from Heineken.

Three Priorities for the Digital CMO – From the Harvard Biz Review, this article could have been boring. But what caught our eye was that the three priorities revolved around building flexible storylines. (Free sign-in required, sorry). Related: Good Companies Are Storytellers. Great Companies Are Storydoers 

Related to absolutely nothing: What’s New on Netflix? You know that moment when you realize that there’s thousands of movies and TV shows on Netflix, but you have no idea what to watch? See what’s been recently added to Netflix and what’s trending today. But whatever you do, don’t bother with The Expendibles 2. Just don’t.

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