Winter at FLIRTThis week’s FLIRTcasting comes to you live from a blustery Chicago morning. We don’t like to be the ones who complain about the cold here, but we know that this is the first real day of winter. We are already eagerly awaiting the groundhog like kids waiting for Halloween. So, now that the obligatory cold weather rant is over, let’s get to it!

SnapChat?! Yes, SnapChat. Having turned down $3 billion, the app that keeps your kids giggling and single people… engaged, needs to find a way to become a viable, profitable business. Are they just going to run ads? Or could they think a little smarter and change the ad game altogether?

The skies get a little more friendlier, or smarter anyway. What Delta did to breakthrough and engage their customers: embracing content as a better way to connect.

Is Facebook still a social network? From their new changes to how they will display the feed to users implies that they are starting to think of themselves as a local, crowd-sourced news site and not a place to chat.

Five ways to stay ahead of the curve. From Inc Magazine, five prognosticators prognosticate. This is slightly better than seven kiwi-singer Lordes a’leading.

Crowd-funding or venture capital? This generation of startups are suddenly asking this question when trying to get their business going.

There’s Black Friday and there’s Black Friday. Game startup Cards Against Humanity (the evil twin of beloved Apples To Apples) decided to turn Black Friday on it’s head by charging more for its flagship product.

SwatchMate lets you capture colors accurately on your smartphone. No more heading to the hardware store to find out if that’s black or navy.

It’s the content, stupid. UnMarketing’s Scott Stratten goes straight for the throat.

And we pay our respects to Nelson Mandela by repeating his wise words: “It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

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