FLIRTies when we found out the forecast is going to break 50 degrees this weekend

The sun is beginning to shine in the Midwest and we are sprinting as fast as we can to the end of winter. Yesterday was officially the first day of spring and, much like Elizabeth Banks, we are pretty freaking excited for the warm weather to hit (even if it’s barely 50 degrees)! However, before you strip down and run across Michigan in your bikini, take a look at this week’s FLIRTcasting and see if anything tickles your fancy!

TheCOMMSapp is a new employee engagement mobile application that allows companies and their employees to be constantly connected. Read all about this internal communication app in the company’s press release.

What are the “selfiest” cities in the world? Here’s a list of the cities producing more selfies per capita. We’re upset Chicago isn’t on it! Also pretty shocked that some of our interns didn’t tip the ranking in our favor…

Obvious event branding can be annoying for your guests and can possibly take away from their overall experience at the event. BizBash came up with 12 ideas for subtle branding that will give your sponsors the recognition they deserve without annoying attendees.

Ever wanted to design your own subway system? Who wouldn’t! A new addictive game called “Mini Metro” allows you to do just that. Now you can fulfill your urban planning dreams.

We’ve all seen (or at least heard about) the “First Kiss” video where strangers are asked to intimately kiss someone they’ve never met before. But have you seen this adorable recreation, “First Sniff”?

Okay, we found the newest addition to our wish list. Check out this tiny mobile printer than can print your Instagram pictures right from phone in the format of vintage Polaroid pictures.

Big news for selfie addicts! Samsung released the ultimate selfie camera with a digital screen that can flip 180 degrees for the perfect self-portrait. Also of note: the new teen craze isn’t a Justin Bieber look-alike, it’s the ‘Selfie Stick’.

Ever worried about your production team being understaffed? After you read this article, you’ll think again. See how a team of THREE PEOPLE produced an event for over 60,000 people. We’re blown away!

Alright, go ahead and throw on that swimsuit, and remember, if you run through Millenium Park be sure to stop into FLIRT and say hello!

FLIRTcasting is our collection of links from outside your normal web sources. Even if they aren’t from the event and corporate communication industry, you might find them relevant to what you’re doing and thinking.