beanApril showers bring May flowers. While this adage isn’t always very applicable in Chicago, we are still excited that the slightly warmer weather  has brought people out of their caves from the winter. Slowly, but surely patio seating is popping up around the city and those partying at the al fresco restaurants is on the rise.  Let the patio parties commence.  And as everyone starts to venture outdoors to embrace the warm patio weather, here at FLIRT we have gathered these findings for you this week:

We reach for our phones 150 times per day – be it before we fall asleep, during a meal with our friends, or even sitting at our desks at work – we are constantly checking our devices. Because we as humans have no willpower, introducing clothing that blocks cell phone radio waves. No more interruptions!

Piggybacking off the disruptive nature of digital devices all around us, one of  BizBash’s former editor Chad Kaydo, talks about 3 elements that are important to the digital age, which are intrinsic to live events: content, community, and collaboration – the 3 Cs of Events in 2014.

Find out how to get more clicks, retweets, and reach in this Twitter 101. This article will teach you what your audience really wants from your brand on twitter, as well as the importance of writing great tweets.

Is there more to Instagram than sharing photos? Social media is only for younger generations and no one uses Google+ anymore. Separating fact from fiction: Check out these social media myths get busted.

So much to do and so little time do it. We all wish we could have more time to get things done – if only you could get an assistant for free or a third hand. Thank god for technology.  These 6 apps and websites can help save time and help you get more done faster.

Looking to attend an event focused on digital media, design and more? Mashable curated a great list of over 60 upcoming events for digital communications professionals. See any you’d want to attend?

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