Reality TV shows just seem to never go away. You can now make a reality TV series about anything you want and it’s almost a guarantee that someone will watch it. This got us thinking…there’s actually a pretty interesting parallel between Reality TV and one of our favorite subjects: Apps. (Stay with us on this one). If you think about it, Reality TV and Apps actually have a lot in common. Neither have many restrictions or limits. They are both conversation starters and don’t show any sign of slowing down. FLIRT is of course all about App news, since it’s an award winning offering of ours, and some of our staff members definitely would say Reality TV is their guilty pleasure (although they may wish to remain anonymous 🙂 )

Interestingly enough, Apple has combined both of these seemingly different worlds as they recently announced their new TV show, “Planet of the Apps,” where celebrities judge developers on their apps. It’s basically the app version of “Shark Tank” where entrepreneurs pitch business ideas to the “sharks” and the sharks decide whether or not they would like to invest in the idea. People watch the show for different reasons, whether it be strictly for entertainment or whether they are thinking of their own entrepreneurial endeavors, but whatever the case may be it seems that people can’t get enough and Apple wants a slice of the pie.

Planet of the Apps will differ from Shark tank in the sense that instead of the typical elevator pitch developers and entrepreneurs will have to make an escalator pitch where they have to pitch their idea on an actual escalator. They will be pitching their ideas to celebrity judges such as Gwyneth Paltrow,, and Jessica Alba for potential funding by the celebrity as well as prime real estate within the Apple Store. The show not only judges apps; it COMES with an app where viewers can be interactive during the show and swipe left or right depending on whether the app sounds promising or not. The show will even be released in the Apple Store. This is one we’ll definitely be tuning in for. So what do you think? Over reality TV? App’d out? Already DVR’d it? Let us know in the comments!

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Planet of the Apps

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