FLIRT focuses on encouraging connections and fueling passion for our clients and with Valentine’s Day on Friday we are looking forward to one of our favorite holidays! While some of you may be worried about booking a last minute reservation to a fancy restaurant, here at FLIRT we were focused on gathering up some fun, interesting links for you to check out! So here they are:


We couldn’t start off Valentine’s week without including something related to the FLIRTy holiday. So while you may have considered giving gifts of flowers, chocolate and roses maybe try something a little different next year. Check out Mashable’s article on impressing that special someone via a variety of social media platforms.

In case of love at first sight break glass. The Flower Council of Holland is utilizing Valentine’s Day to it’s fullest for their marketing efforts. Adorable small red Boxes, modeled like emergency boxes, containing roses  were placed around Paris – talk about the cutest way to get your name out there.

Are you more of a visual person? Do you want some tips and methods to super charge your next event? Well, if you answered yes to either you’re in luck. From creating an effective event website to optimizing SEO to its fullest, check out these 10 infographics to help plan a successful event. Super charge your next event with these helpful guides.

From the Olympic ring that malfunctioned or the state of hotel rooms to Olympians getting locked in bathrooms, there seem to be many problems that have occurred and continue to pop up during the Sochi games. Despite all the drama, Sochi problems  on Twitter found a way to poke fun and make light of the situations.

While it is important to focus on attracting new consumers to your brand, it is just as relevant to put as much emphasis on retention. While thanking your customers for their loyalty and listening to their wants and needs play a factor, there are many other motivations to get people talking more about your brand and ensure that they stay loyal as well.

and some of our favorite apps we’ve discovered:

Having a meal at a new favorite restaurant or your wedding day, the Kennedy app allows you to easily capture your life’s most cherished moments and the context surrounding them. The app allows you to document those remarkable or memorable times you don’t want to forget recording time,weather,  and even current events occurring on and around that date. Mark your moments in time by downloading the app for only $1.99 on iTunes.

In case you missed it Facebook recently released an app called Paper and there a lot more uses then just social media networking. The app has been used as an awesome platform for Sochi coverage and as far as content marketing goes, outlines some major components of why this tool could become a content marketer’s new best friend.

FLIRTcasting is our collection of links from outside your normal web sources. Even if they aren’t from the event and corporate communication industry, you might find them relevant to what you’re doing and thinking.