Whether you have to partake ijuly_4th_fireworks_chicagon the everyday sticky, humid and crowded commute to and from work or travel with the kids to their daily summer camps, everyone has the same mindset when it comes to the summer months – to relax and enjoy the weather when they get the chance. Granted, it hasn’t been the most “fun in the sun” kind of summer yet, there are still more stimulating things to do than spend your days organizing your work schedule and your evenings preparing meticulous meals. These next few months are meant for cliché summer activities, i.e. bonfires, relaxing on the beach and spending the evening watching fireworks. With the help of a few of the newest apps, you might just be able to achieve all your daily tasks and enjoy that margarita by the pool without feeling totally disorganized.imgres

Do you ever find yourself looking through your contacts trying to remember the name of the person you met at a networking event the night before? It happens to best of us, well most of us actually. Humin allows you to enter and search your contacts the way that you think about them. For instance, you met Mark at the company barbecue event last evening in Chicago – search where you met him and his information will come up just the way you entered it!

What time is it? What is the weather like right now? What is the weather like tomorrow? How about next week? That alone is 4 times most people check their phone within 5 minutes. I’m can say I’m guilty of checking one thing and then immediately remembering something else I need to see on my device, after I locked it. Do you ever feel like it consumes you? Let the Checky app tell you how addicted you are to your phone. Every time you open your phone it adds up and then allows you to check the amount of unlocks throughout the day. When you check at the end of the day and have over 100 “unlocks” you’ll be sure to pay more attention to the sunshine outside as opposed to the backlight on your phone.

Plan is the new way to organize all of your calendars perfectly into one. You can see your meetings, tasks, notes all in one location as well as plan time to work on your tasks and know how much time is being spent on each undertaking. It’s like a planner…for your planner!

Have a fear of being the awkward, anti social group out at the local beer garden? Find, match and get together with other groups of friends using Heaps. Heaps can keep your group of friends together and allow you to match with other groups of in the area looking to do the same things as you. Simply put, it’s a less awkward, more inviting imgres-1version of Tinder!

The last thing you want to do in the summer is spend your evenings in the kitchen, let alone get frustrated with a recipe for an extended period of time. Cookbrite is a new app that gives you step-by-step directions to create a great meal at any time of the day, allowing you to be in and out of the kitchen before the concert in the park with your friends.