imgresIf you’re not a student, the question this time of year is: do you take a couple days from work to give yourself a spring break? Most likely the answer is yes. However, like most of us in the work obsessed world, you find yourself checking your email before, during and after your cocktails on the beach. I’ll say what we are all thinking, the last thing you want to be on vacation is stressed, so continue reading for a few of the newest apps and technology developments that may make your trip a bit more pleasurable.

When fingerprint scanning was introduced to unlock iPhones, it seemed revolutionary at the time, but now it is just thing of the past. Windows 10 is now incorporating a bio metric system that will use your fingerprint, eyes and even face to unlock your device. It will store your bio metric signature to the cloud, allowing it to work on any Windows phone, computer or tablet that you have. So when you wake up for that early flight, your password will be the last thing you have to worry about, however, now you have to hope  tha tyour computer recognizes your 6:00 am flight appearance… Read more about this here.

We all know receiving a PDF that needs to be filled in or signed on a mobile device only leads to scanning and frustration. Well I suppose colleagues sending PDF’s that need to be completed while you’re on vacation may lead to slight frustration. However, Adobe is finally integrating a bit of their Photoshop software to eliminate this issue. They are adding their “Photoshop magic” to allow for image editing, and also the ability to take a picture and immediately turn it into a PDF will be available. Waiting to finish a document until you land…psh, not when you have a little “magic”. I’m sure Adobe will be asking to use that line in their marketing any day now…

Picture this: you’re on a vacation, attempting to use public transportation or navigate the area and your phone is sans service– so you end up more lost trying to find a signal than you do attempting to find your destination. Sound a little too familiar? Urban Engines is a new app that allows you to navigate, get directions and even see an x-ray version of where you are without being online. You have the ability to download entire cities so that you never have to worry about losing service and ultimately; your mind.

What if you had the money for a vacation without even realizing it? That’s what Digit is all about. Every couple of day’s, digit analyzes your spending habits and removes a few dollars if available, theimagesn puts it into a separate account that you can withdraw from at any time, without any fees. What would be more rewarding than at the end of a month opening your account and realizing that you actually have some savings – to put towards a trip of course.

And for the people that ultimately decide not to travel for spring break there is always the option of opening up your computer and pretending to be on a beautiful beach? Thanks Wandertab! Every time you open a new tab in your browser it shows a different landscape for you to lust over. So you get to go to Bali without paying for Bali, perfect!