From new apps that help you out of sticky situations to tiny micro-chips designed to mimic the human brain, a lot has happened in the past two weeks in the world of tech innovation – many of which can be applied to your busy life in the event marketing industry and beyond. Read on to learn more about some of our favorite developments in the world of marketing and communication.Cats in office

When you have a million and one things to do to prepare for the week-long corporate event you are producing in Vegas, it’s easy for that one hotel reservation or catering order to slip through the cracks. So, like any true event planning superhero, you turn to your distinguished butler, Alfred, and ask him to track your guests’ flight path and proofread an email – giving you just enough time to put on your black spandex and cape. Read more here about how you can get your own virtual assistant. You probably should also name yours Alfred.

Swiping left has taken on a whole new meaning with the advent of Tinder. Rocking a mullet? Swipe left. Shirtless mirror-selfie? Swipe left. Now, however, our newfound love for the larboard finger swipe could help us be more productive outside of the dating world as well. Enter Swipes, a new app that allows you to create categorized to-do lists and swipe left every time you complete one. Yeah, we were sick of Tinder anyway…

Some things are down right hard for us to do on our own. Whether it’s sticking to that new exercise regime, completing another day of that kale smoothie diet or getting more involved in professional commitments, having a group who’s struggling right along with you can make all the difference. It’s that mentality that makes the new website Amazers so simple, yet truly groundbreaking. Sign a pledge to complete a personal goal, be it conquering your fear of heights, or going back to school to get the degree you’ve always wanted. Other users in your virtual community can then track your goals, share their own progress and lend a word of encouragement when the going gets tough. If only they were there for those late night nacho cravings.

How do you know when you really know someone? Is it when you know each other’s Starbucks orders? Or, when you anticipate the other’s thoughts and finish sentences? That’s essentially what you can do with Aviate, a customized, predictive Android home screen from Yahoo that seems to know what you want before you do. Disclaimer: your smartphone should not become a substitute for a human friend.

Now that Twitter and iMessage support gif’s, the moving pictures have truly invaded digital, colloquial conversation. So, you are going to need the perfect gif to explain that every emotion you feel, at any given time, right? It’s time you discovered You’re welcome.

It’s tough to be fashion-forward and technologically advanced. We get it. No one wants to sacrifice style for tech support (or vice versa). Now, you can have it all with wearables. Need speakers but don’t have space for them in your purse? There’s a Bluetooth speaker disguised as a purse. Love the fitness tracker bands, but can’t wear them with a suit? Designers are concealing the tracker technology within tasteful wristlets.

And then, for those that aren’t entirely adjusted to 21st century technology, check out the youngest generation’s experience with a 20th century fossil. We guarantee it will make you smile (or at least silently thank Apple for the creation of your iPhone).

Technology is changing and so are we here at FLIRT. Stay tuned to learn more about all of the up and coming communication trends.