Like the rest of the nation during the month of October, Chicago is blushing pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The NFL has people screaming, “No more pink!” and is “pinkwashing” our nation’s favorite sport. Pink cleats, gloves, towels…oh, and don’t forget the plethora of pink-dyed NFL merchandise on their online store! See why the NFL is upsetting many fans and is taking the pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month too far.

First, there was 3D, then there was 4D. Has Disney come up with a 5-dimensional viewing experience? With the help of a little algorithms and friction, viewers can now touch three-dimensional renderings objects, images and landscapes, and even moving creatures. See how Disney created a way to feel textures on touchscreens and projected images. Related: Disney also has a machine that can direct puffs of air to make you feel objects floating in air. With all this new tech, we have to wonder how different Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride will be.

Get social by the numbers! Ten employee engagement tips that work, six ways to use social visual media for internal communications and 21 benefits of business blogging.

You may have seen the viral video of Maria Shifrin quitting her job as a video editor at a Taiwanese company. But have you seen her past employers video response? Or the video job offer from Y&R Israel? Catch Maria’s original video and all the parodies, responses and interviews (she even got a job offer from Queen Latifah).

All Is Fair in Love and Twitter. As Twitter goes public, see the House of Cards-level politics that played out behind the scenes.

Using LinkedIn as a recruiting tool? A few weeks prior, the social media platform in-stream job offer ads, or “promoted jobs”. Will the paid ads become an effective recruiting tool or will they become another form of overlooked native advertisements? We shall see.

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