foggyWe’re sick of talking about summer, whether its hot, when its going to get hot, wow it hot, when is it going to be fall, etc. Boring! So aside from this lovely foggy picture from our office, there will be no more discussion of meteorological events. At least until football comes back.

Welcome to the Connection Economy! FLIRT fave and uber-quotable Seth Godin spoke at Hubspot’s #INBOUND13 in Boston last week. We couldn’t make it out there either, so here are the notes. Also, Brad Farris did a nice write-up for the whole event.

Five Big Questions! The world is changing, so should your events. Here are five messy questions you need to ask when initiating the modern conference or event.

Would You Like Arianna Huffington to Speak at Your Next Event? Spoiler: social media. Here’s the skinny on how #INBOUND13 landed such a big get.

30 Killer Numbers! In one handy infographic, here are 30 statistics about digital marketing that cannot fail to impress. Interesting tidbits: videos get 267% more links than non-video links and are 50 times more likely to get listed on the first page of Google search results.

Event App Twitter Chat! Next Tuesday (September 3, when you’re back from Labor Day), we will be guest-tweeting (Tweeter of honor? Featured Tweet-head? We need a better title here) with Content Marketing World. Want to learn more about event apps? Join in the chat! Just follow #CMWorld on Twitter (noon Eastern, 11:00am Central) and chime in with @CMIContent!

Presenting in Vegas, baby! Want to meet us in Vegas? What’s your November look like? How’s 4-6 sound? Great! We’ll be giving a presentation entitled Using Technology to Build 12-month Engagements at EventTech. While it sounds like something a wedding planner might talk about, we plan on blowing you away on how to think beyond the ballroom, to focus less on the 3-day event, but on the 365-days surrounding it. No pyrotechnics, no Cirque, the first three rows will remain as dry as when they came in, but the plan is to knock some socks off. Mental note: bring spare socks.

Happy Labor Day!!!

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