HaikuTime for your vacation.
The elves write on your cabinets.
Covered in haiku.

But haiku are hard.
Using your fingers to count
to five, seven, five.

And when you return,
you have only one question:
“Did they use Sharpies?!”

Museum Hack. Even the most conservative and staid of experiential spaces (the Metropolitan Museum of Art) can be hacked. Instead of a tour group where one person tells the others about the significance of a given piece of art, maybe the leader tasks the group with re-creating the artwork instantly.

Microsoft Reminds Us All of the Value of Corporate Communication. Microsoft, being Microsoft, wrote a concise memo that outlines their strategy moving forward. The memo, intended to be read by everyone at Microsoft, is a mammoth 2,700 words. Oh, Steve. That’s not how you communicate with your employees.

19% of the Web Runs on WordPress. I know there’s a huge ongoing argument going on that blogs are dead (then why are you reading this?), but I present as final argument: WordPress (a blogging platform) is the dominant publishing platform online.

What Happens Every Minute on the Internet. Ready to feel small? Like your hard work is the tiniest drop in an ocean of status updates, selfies, spam, comments, and videos of kittens hugged by sloths? This is the infographic for you. 104,000 photos on SnapChat every minute?

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