image copyIn case you were wondering, yes, we survived the -40 degree windchill in Chicago. We had to thaw out for a few days, but nonetheless we survived. We’ve had plenty of time to gather up some of our favorite things on the web, some professional and some silly. Enjoy!

Unless you aren’t entirely convinced that social is the way to go, here are nine ways social media will change 2014.

We know you’ve been longing for another innovative project from Facebook. Well here it is, the latest and greatest: Paper. A standalone iOS news reader app that delivers  full-screen articles and photos in categories you select like Tech, LOL, and Pop Culture. Paper launches on iOS on February 3rd.

Publishing blog posts is tough enough, but how many is to many? Or too few? Check out these tips on blog post frequency. You may learn a thing or two!

Ever wish there was a way to have photos printed from your phone and sent to your house…for free? “Flag” is a new mobile app the does just that. What makes them free are the advertisements printed on the back of your photos. A little give and take?

Did you forget to wish Apple a happy birthday on the 24th? Celebrate 30 wonderful years with one of the world’s most innovate companies with their new look-back film.

It’s been the most viral thing since Miley’s “Wrecking Ball” video. In case you missed it, here’s Budweiser’s new adorable Super Bowl commercial, “Puppy Love”. Cue the tears.

Here’s an astonishingly accurate hand-drawing of a map of the online world. Best part is it’s interactive. The Amazon Peninsula looks like a pretty rad place.

FLIRTcasting is our collection of links from outside your normal web sources. Even if they aren’t from the event and corporate communication industry, you might find them relevant to what you’re doing and thinking.