You’re playing host at holiday party your spouse organized or you picked the shortest stick and have to play bartender at your company party. With The Perfect Cocktail, show off your barista skills by making fancy drinks with little work. The scale hooks to your smartphone or tablet device, and from there it measure the liquid density to get the most accurate measurements and balance of toxicology. Simply place the glass on the scale, adjust the servings, if provide a list of available ingredients it will provide a list of recipes ready on your command and pour. Voila!


You’re at a company holiday party and you best friend/ co worker is tallying up the spiked eggnogs you’ve downed. Let’s just say you ignored your own advice and have well exceeded the acceptable two work drinks. Blessing in disguise and double whammy, you’ve lost your car keys. Thanks to the new Motorola key-link device, you can now use your phone for finding your keys, not drunk texting your ex, and your cubicle buddy can drive you home! Thank you Motorola for helping me drink responsibly.

Samsung 105 inch Curved 5K TV– not sure if we can go with this one. I personally think it takes up way too much space. If you want to include it you can but I’m not sure how to incorporate it.

Jawbone UP3 Activity Tracker (Post Holiday recover from that food coma and burn some cals)- there are other one’s as well. What’s so special about this activity tracker?

Cielo WiGle– Regulate the temperature, the lighting, or the general mood of your home with these devices that allow you to control just about anything on phone regardless of provider or manufacturer.

Amazon Fire Stick– Much like Google’s Chromecast- Amazon announced the Amazon Fire Stick which connects your TV to several services including Amazon Prime, Netflix, HULU, Watch ESPN, and more. People are going for the smaller cheaper option. Say goodbye to media boxes and say hello to the sticks!


Or if the office is too much of a mess and really you could really just use a helping hand, find your own Alfred. The app provides a personal butler who has gone through rigorous testing- and it also includes services such as groceries, laundry, dry cleaning, tailoring, packages, etc.!


Are you looking to buy the perfect watch for the man you love? How about designing the perfect watch using the Apple Watch Kit for developers. That’s right- we’re making websites, to apps, to now wearable icons.


Also write in something about billboard now streaming on-demand music. They may be our future client and it would play well with our holiday party.